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We like what you did till now, keep going in the same direction and it will be a  good game.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Not a bad start! I loved how instantly frantic it all was and the movement feels great, unless you get cornered. I think focusing on incentivizing the combat would help a lot though, since right now it's too easy to just look for the exit without killing anything. Some upgrades or "power orbs" to open the portal or something. Extra sound design would help too, but I understand this is early in development. Still, a damn good time!


Right now I'm working on loot system. So when enemy dies he will drop health potion or ammo.

Also I extended the player arsenal so now he has 2 more weapons. Added ammo system like: normal, special and heavy ammo but all of this will be available in next update :D

Thanks again for your feedback!