Update v0.2

Update 0.2 is live 

Lot of things were added and lot of bugs where fixed(I hope I fixed them lol).

Change log:

  • Main Menu:
    • Background changed from a static image to a live scene.
    • Added Settings menu. Now you can change sound volume, quality and resolution.
  • Gameplay :
    • Added new weapons.
    • Added mana system. There are 3 types of mana in game.
    • Added loot system. After death enemies can drop mana-crystals or hp potion.
    •  Added condition to open the portal to next dungeon. Now the blue portal appears only when enough enemies are defeated.
  • UI:
    • Added player UI. Now you can see your health, mana, mana type, score, active portal icon.
    • Added pause menu.
    • Added GameOver screen.
  • Controls:
    • Mouse scroll whell for changing weapons. Now you can change your weapons with mouse scroll wheel.
    • Q - Dagger. 
  • Other:
    • Added SFX for enemies(idle, run, attack) and for player.
    • Optimized dungeon generation.
    • Added destructible props to dungeon.
    • Fixed lot of bugs that I've already forot about them(but I fixed them. Hope I did xD).


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Version 2 Jan 17, 2019

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Some feedbacks will be great so I would know what to change/add/remove/fix.

Thanks again for playing this game :D